Air Five

I mentioned “Air Fives” in today’s tale, and then realized that most people probably don’t know what an Air Five is…

I created “Air Five” as a way of giving the kids high fives from far away.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Face your partner (child, parent, friend, or whatever. I’m going to call him/her your partner).
  2. Hold up your right hand with just the index finger extended upward and shout “one”.
  3. At this point, your partner holds his or her right hand up, mirroring you.
  4. Put a second finger up and shout “two”. Your partner should be doing the same.
  5. Next put a third finger up and shout “three”. At this point, you and your partner should be in sync, putting the third finger up simultaneously.
  6. Insted of going to “four,” extend all five fingers and pretend you’re high-fiving your partner.
  7. Because you’re in sync, your partner will do the same.
  8. Shout “pop” and stop your hand right at the point when your hands would meet.
  9. If it works right, your partner will shout it at exactly the same time you do, and both your hands will stop at the same time.

This sounds complicated, but it’s not. The first time I did it, I shouted “Air Five” and just pretended to give a high five. My oldest gave me one back. I added the counting because it was frustrating to not be in sync. I didn’t explain the counting to him, I just did it a few times and he caught on. As long as you keep your counting rhythmic, it’ll work.

After both you and your partner understand what’s going on, you can dump the shouted counting. Just hold one finger up, and he/she will do the same.

What’s the point of an Air Five? Well, try it. It’s amazing how much it feels like a high five, and it makes a great connection with your partner across a soccer field, or through a car window, or even when your little one is standing up on stage at a Christmas Concert.

If you do it during a Christmas concert, though, try to resist shouting “pop!”

Especially if your wife is the one in charge of putting on said Christmas concert.

Trust me on that one.

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  1. […] The other cars, you see, are mostly minivans or SUVs, with the occasional station wagon. We arrive in my red Mini Cooper, with the windows and skylight open, and the music blasting. Hakuna Matata is the most common choice, but we do mix it up a little.  When the kids get out, we do secret handshakes. As they walk away, they turn to get some Air Fives. […]

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