Go Round Merry

With the rest of the family off in Texas this week, I don’t have anything current to use as a DaddyTale. Instead, here’s a tale about something that happened to us several months ago, when we were in St. Augustine. More specifically we were at the merry-go-round at Davenport Park.

Normally we all enjoy riding, but this time my wife wasn’t feeling too well, so she leaned on the fence and watched while the boys and I took a spin. As the horses started moving, I called out to the boys, “Hey! Let’s wave at Momma when we go around! She’s not feeling well, and she’d love a wave!”

Sure enough, as momma came into view, the boys shouted and waved. I did too, but I don’t think she noticed me.

After we went buy, my oldest turned to his brother, smiling. “This time, let’s shoot her!”

“What?” I said.

They didn’t answer me. As the ride came around, though, they leaned over their horses, and aimed imaginary guns at their momma. “Bang! Bang!”

This time, momma did notice me, and not in a good way.

“No more shooting momma,” I called to the boys. “Remember, she’s sick!”

“Let’s blow kisses!” my oldest shouted.


As momma came around, we all blew her kisses. She caught them, smiling and laughing.

Next time around, we did Air Fives (click here for details). After that, we pretended to shake hands. Then we made silly faces.

At that point, my oldest had run out of steam. He didn’t have any more ideas. Neither did I. As momma came into view, we smiled, but that was it.

My youngest, however, had other ideas. He threw both his hands over his head. “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Momma!”

No, it wasn’t her birthday – but it was funny. My oldest and I joined the little guy in shouting out Happy Birthday.

The ride stopped and we clambered off. Now that’s a Merry Go Round.

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