Poor Peasants

We watched Enchanted the other day. Fun movie, even if it is, as my 6-year old says, a “girl movie.”

At one point, the well-intentioned-but-rather-dimwitted prince says “Thank you for keeping my bride safe, peasants.”

“Daddy,” N (the four-year old) asked. “What does peasants mean?”

“Poor. He called them poor.”

The little guy burst out laughing. “That’s funny! That’s so funny!”

“Well, um, sure, I guess.”

“Cause there are only two of them, and he said there were poor! There weren’t poor of them, there were two!”

He collapsed into gales of laughter.

I started to explain that I’d said “poor” and not “four”, then stopped.

What the heck. Why not let the little guy have his fun?

2 thoughts on “Poor Peasants

  1. nana says:

    guess I have to see Enchanted!!!

  2. Zarluga says:

    Well at least they weren’t hungry with four pheasants!

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