Moving Pictures

Our six-year-old’s big present last Christmas was a digital camera, and it was a big hit. He loved taking pictures. More than that, though, I think he loved having it. A camera, you see, is a grown-up thing. It’s not something little boys have, which proved, of course, that he was no longer a little boy.

This morning, he discovered an exciting thing about his camera: it can take videos.

First, he took a video of daddy making breakfast. Then he made us watch. Very exciting.

Next, he took a video of his little brother screaming at him to not take a video of him. Again, very exciting.

Now that he was perfecting his technique he moved on to a non-human subject: a sleeping dog. Not so exciting.

Finally, he created his masterpiece: three minutes of footage of our closed pantry door.

Film school, here we come!

1 thoughts on “Moving Pictures

  1. nana says:

    Hmph! Guess my camera also takes videos, but I have not learned how to do it…
    Guess that makes C a grown up and me a “little” girl?????

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