Scratch This

The end of our bedtime routine involves a story followed by a song. During the song (and sometimes the story), our oldest likes to have his back scratched. Not too long ago, our youngest started objecting that he wanted his back scratched also.

This is a problem because he doesn’t like to have his back scratched. Instead, he just wants equal time with his brother.

I solve this by just sitting close to him and maybe doing a little hair rubbing.

A few weeks back, however, the night came when he insisted on me scratching his back. I had already turned off the light for the good night song and was sitting down next to him.

“No, Daddy. Scratch my back! Please!”

“Okay, okay.” I said.

There was a bunch of rustling in the covers, which I assumed was him rolling on to his belly. I put my hand down to scratch his back – about six inches lower than where his head had been. Unfortunately, he had moved more than I had realized.

“Ewww!” he shouted, laughing. “You scratched my butt! Daddy scratched my butt!”

His brother exploded into laughter. “New rule! No scratching butts!”

I stood up and turned on the light. My four year old was lying on his stomach waggling his backside in the air. When the light turned on, he stopped waggling, looked at me in surprise, and then hurried under the covers.

“You set me up,” I accused. “You put your butt where your back was.”

He didn’t answer. Eyes closed, head on pillow, his face was the picture of angelic sleep. His older brother was trying to pretend to be asleep also, but not nearly as well. His whole body was shaking with suppressed laughing.

“Good night,” I said, turned off the light and left.

As soon as the door closed, they both exploded. I listened to them laugh for the next ten minutes or so.

1 thoughts on “Scratch This

  1. nana says:

    Oh boy! That “angel” is learning too young!

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