Winning the Lottery

When I took the kids grocery shopping the other Saturday, they noticed the little plastic desk holding the lottery forms and asked about it.

“Well,” I said. “It’s called a lottery. It’s like a contest. Everyone picks a bunch of numbers and whoever picks the right ones gets millions of dollars.”

“So?” My five year old asked.

“Millions of dollars,” I explained, “would change our life. We’d be able to do a lot more to help other people, and I wouldn’t have to spend nearly as much time working.”

They liked that idea, so we filled out a couple lottery tickets and bought them.

We checked the numbers the next morning to see if we won. We didn’t.

“It’s okay Daddy,” my five-year old said. He patted my hand. “Our life is pretty good the way it is.”

1 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well good for N.!!!!! And for you!

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