Degrees of Excitement

I’m one of those people who gets music on the brain. It seems like I always have a tune in my head, and it’s always sneaking out in the form of humming, whistling, or drumming. This past Valentine’s Day, the kids caught me doing a little rendition of “I’m so excited” while I was cooking breakfast.

When they asked me about it, I was too embarassed to sing it again. Instead, we fired up the computer and I played it for them.

They gave a lukewarm review. About half an hour later, though, I caught them singing:

“I’m so excited,” my five-year old sang. “I’m gonna die!”

His older brother joined in, repeating the chorus.

“What,” I said. “No. It’s I’m so excited I just can’t hide it.”

“Oh,” the little guy said. “That makes more sense.”

“No,” his brother shouted. “I’m so excited, I’m gonna DIE!”

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