Guest Appearance: The Slippery G

DaddyTales Guest Appearance!
I received this wonderful little tale a few weeks back, and have been chuckling ever since. The author said she was happy to have me share, so here it is!

I’ve had a cough that just can’t be kicked for the last week or so. G (a little two-year old) has been very concerned and offering all kinds of help. Kisses help, of course, but so does med’sin, and of course Vick’s vapor rub.

Coinciding with this is the ever popular toilet training. The little angel recently graduated from a little pottie to the grown up pottie, and we have a sticker sheet we use to give her rewards for proper pottie usage. The little pottie is retired now, stashed away in a bedroom closet.

To complete the grand trifecta, G has recently discovered the joys of being completely naked. 

The other night, all three of these came together in one of those rare moments of “Seriously? This is what you did?”

Opah and Omah were watching TV, and Mommy had gotten up to do something when we heard the little click click of a youngling sneaking out of her room in a total violation of bedtime.  As we looked around the corner to catch her and put her back, we got a whiff something nice, but pungent.  Hhhmmm…   My sinus felt clearer, and my chest congestion eased. 

Then, we got what we thought was the full picture: a 2½ year old, fully naked and completely greased up in Vicks vapor rug, glistening in the hall light. TA DA!!

But wait, there was a little cherry to go on top of this cake.  G was quite proud and wanted her stickers.  She had taken off all her clothes, rubbed herself in vapor rub, and gone into the closet to pee in her pottie!

What could we do? She got her stickers, a quick shower, and a new set of jammies – and then a three adult escort to bed…

Thanks for the great story!

2 thoughts on “Guest Appearance: The Slippery G

  1. Zarluga says:

    Man – that is a great story! (:>)

  2. Punster says:

    Well, I just thought of this – I guess that makes her closet a water closet? (evil laugh)

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