It had to happen

I suppose it was just a matter of time before this happened. Once we brought zombies into our daily life (click here for details), it was pretty much inevitable.

For those who are not familiar with zombies, they eat brains. When pretending to be a zombie, you stick your hands out like a zombie (arms straight, hands shoulder height), and attempt to put a hand on someone else’s head. Then you make a sucking motion and moan “brains!”

The idea being, of course, that you’re sucking that person’s brains out.

The other day, after my oldest son shot me with his finger, I performed a dramatic death scene that ended with me slumped over the counter. As the big guy turned away to hunt for his little brother, I surged to my feet and palmed his head. “BRAAAIIINNSSS!” I moaned.

He was so surprised, he almost fell over.

I laughed. “Got you!”

“Nah-ah,” he shouted. “Nah-ah! You couldn’t eat my brains because,” he looked around desperately, “because  I don’t have any!”

“Um,” I said.

“Ha-ha!” he shouted and shot me again.

In my defense, there was really nothing I could do. The big guy had, after all, the perfect defense against zombie attacks.

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