Easter Love

The day after Easter, my little five year old surprised us with his own little Easter egg hunt. He’d taken some of the plastic eggs from his Easter basket, refilled them, and hidden them around the bedroom for us to find. 

At the end, as we were searching for the last of the eggs, my oldest found one with a toy rabbit inside. “Wow,” I said. “That’s really cool!”

A few minutes later, I found a plastic egg under a pillow.

The little guy gasped. “That’s the best one!”

“Really?” I said, wondering what could be better than a toy rabbit. I opened the egg.

It was empty.

“That’s the egg of love!” the little guy said, spreading his hands wide as he said love.

I exchanged a look with his older brother, who was holding up his toy rabbit and smiling.

“Thank you for the love,” I said.

Later, when the little guy collected the plastic eggs to put back in his basket, his older brother pointed at him. “Daddy,” he shouted. “He took his love back!”

Next time I want the toy bunny.

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