An Unlikely Metaphor

The kids have been at vacation bible school all week, which is basically a day camp at the church. Yesterday, they came home with pop-guns they’d made out of empty toilet paper rolls and rubber bands.

I’ve got no problems with toy guns, and these were very cleverly made, but they seemed like an unlikely thing to come out of a church-run camp. “You made guns at church?”  I asked.

“Cause they’re surprising,” my seven year old answered as he shot me. “See?”

The little cardboard cannonball bounced off my chest. “That’s true,” I said. “But at church?” 

“Yes.” His little brother nodded seriously.  “They’re like the Word of God. The Word of God is surprising. So are the guns.” He shot me in the belly. “Cause they surprise you!”

Huh.  So the Word of God is like a gunshot to the abdomen? Yep, that’s surprising all right.

[Editor’s Note: The tale that was supposed to be posted today is running in the Seminole Chronicle. Their website is currently down, though, so I’ll post a link to that tale on Monday]

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