Rollin’ Old School

I had to rent a car last week while mine was being repaired (dead alternator). It was an old blue beater of a car, pulled to the left as I drove, and didn’t have power anything.

As we were driving away from the rental place, my youngest shouted in surprise. “Hey Daddy, there’s a crank! Look, you turn the crank and the window opens. That’s crazy!”

“Yep,” I said. “Pretty crazy.”

“But there’s no button, there’s a crank!”

“I know,” I said. “This is how cars used to be. Old school.”

“Yeah,” my oldest chimed in. “Old School!”

I nodded. He is, after all, almost 8. If anyone knows old school, it’s got to be him.

A few minutes later, my youngest let out a frustrated grunt. “Uhhh! This is hard!”

Yep. That’s old school, all right.

2 thoughts on “Rollin’ Old School

  1. Erin Nurse says:

    That’s hilariouis!! I can picture my 9 year old rolling his eyes and saying “Old school just like Mom”. Imagine what they would say if they found out some of us had parents that would throw us in the back of a station wagon with no seat belts, booster seats or any seat of any kind. Love it!!!

  2. Nana says:

    Hey we did that! Throw kids in the rear of the wagon, no child seats nothing but the regular car! We even added a rather large collie! One thing the seat belts did was ..mostly.. stop in car fights…..

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