They’re Everywhere

Our dinner conversation the other day ended up focusing on different cultures and ways of living. We talked about different religions, the different ways people dressed, different eating habits, the whole thing.

Somewhere in that conversation, I brought up Burkas.

“They’re these robes that the women have to wear, and they cover their whole body, even their faces.”

“Wow,” my oldest said. “Even their eyes?”

“No. I think they peek out through little eye slits. But there might be veils. I’m not sure.”

“The problem is that in some places the women are forced to wear them,” my wife added. “Women aren’t allowed out in public without being completely covered, and that’s not right.”

We’re all about tolerance in my household, except when it comes to intolerance. I’m afraid the cultures that force people to do things don’t get much good PR around our dinner table.

“What color?” the big guy asked.

“Black,  I think.” I answered. “At least that’s what they are in the pictures I’ve seen.”

“Yeah,” my wife agreed. “I think they’re black.”

My son’s eyes widened “You mean, like Ninjas?”

Hmm… Black robes, covered faces, they get in trouble for taking them off… I guess they might be.

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