The Gulp

After two days of me flying solo with the boys, their mom was back on her feet on Sunday. We celebrated by seeing Tangled and then visiting Santa at the mall.

He was a great Santa, perfect look, and wonderful banter.

“So, have you been good lately?” he asked.

Both boys smiled. They were both sitting on Santa, one on each knee.


“We sure have, Santa!”

“And have you been helping your mom?” Santa asked.

The boys answered without hesitation:  “Yep!”

“And have you stopped hitting each other?”

The smiles vanished and the eyes widened. The boys look looked at each other, and then nervously at Santa.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa boomed. “I got them with that one, Dad!”

“You sure did, Santa.” I said.

Now, let’s see if it did any good!

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