Break a leg

The cross country meet was at Haggerty High School this past Saturday morning, and the races ended with a lap around a track.

In addition to our two racers, we were also chaperoning a neighbor’s children, giving us a total of four. With each of them in a different age bracket, my wife and I split up. She managed the starting line. I cheered them on, then met them at the finish.

Everything worked well until the last race, when I found myself at the top of the metal grandstands with four tired children who had decided they wanted to be daredevils.

I called my youngest’s name sharply as he jumped from seat to seat.

“But Daddy,” he said, hopping up and down on one leg, “I want to break my leg!”

All four kids burst out laughing.

“Then come over here and I’ll break it for you,” I growled.

Actually, I didn’t say that last line, but I came really, really close.

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