Playing Favorites

Last week, when my youngest was sick, my oldest found himself faced with a difficult dilemma.

“Hey,” his momma said to him, “want to come on a walk with me? I’m going to the trestle.”

Walking to the trestle is fun. You ┬ásee all sorts of Florida wildlife, and it’s a great chance to chat.

The problem was that his little brother and I were settling down to watch Monsters vs Aliens on the television.

“Um,” the big guy said, looking back and forth between me and my wife.

“It’s okay,” I said. “Just pick what you want. There’s no pressure.”

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll go with momma.”

“Have fun.” I turned on the television and put the dvd in.

“Wait,” he said, staring at the screen. “I really like Monsters vs Aliens.”

“You can scooter if you want,” my wife added. He has one of those Razor scooters, and likes to ride it instead of walking.

“Oh man,” he said.

“Do whichever you want,” I said. “It’s up to you.”

“Or just come on a walk with me,” my wife added.

The big guy looked back and forth between us, then started pacing.

“You’ll be able to watch Monsters vs. Aliens another time,” I said. “Why don’t you go with Momma?”

“I want to go with Momma,” he said. “But I really like Monsters vs Aliens.”

“I’ve got to get going,” my wife said.

“Wait, wait,” he shouted. “I’ll do Eenie-Meenie Miney Moe.” He held out two fists and did Eenie-Meenie Miney Moe between them.

I covered my smile with a hand. My wife was doing the same.

“Aw ma-an,” he said.

“Who won?” I asked.

“I’m gonna do best out of three.”

Heh. Some decisions can be really, really hard.

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