Who do ya love?

The NFL playoffs this year were rough. Once the Steelers were knocked out, I started picking other teams to cheer for. Every one of those teams lost, leaving me with a Superbowl between two teams that I really don’t care about.

This left the kids in a new situation. The only time I watch football is when I’m cheering for or against one of the teams. We always have clearly defined “good guy” / “bad guy” roles. Not last night. Last night, they had trouble making up their minds.

On the one hand, their Madrina is a Giants fan. On the other hand, Miss Trish loves the Patriots.

They talked and argued and finally settled on the Giants. I’m not sure what the final reason was, but I decided to join them.

“Okay,” I said. “Go Giants!”

“But I really like the Ravens,” my oldest said.

“What?!?” For those non-football fans out there, the Ravens are the Steelers’ number one rival. You can’t like both teams. You just can’t.

“Yeah,” he said, “they’re my favorite team.”

“What about the Steelers?”

“Second favorite,” he said quickly. “The Ravens are my second favorite team.”

“What does that have to do with this game?” I asked.

“Well, the Patriots beat the Ravens, so now I’m cheering against the Patriots.”


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