The Razor’s Edge

As our bedtime routine got started the other night, my wife decided to have a Serious Talk with us.

I was sitting with my seven year old on one couch, doing my best to look attentive and nod at the appropriate parts. My nine-year old was sitting on the other couch beside his mom, also looking very serious.

As the talk continued on, my wife leaned forward. She really was intent about what she was saying, and I’m sure that it was very important and meaningful.

Leaning forward, however, was a tactical mistake. It left our nine-year old slightly behind her and out of her line of vision.

He immediately started immitating her, pointing dramatically with his finger, gesturing with his other hand, bobbing his head up and down as he moved his mouth in exaggerated motions.

His little brother’s eyes widened, but he managed to keep his face serious and intent.

My wife continued her Talk. She had built up a fair amount of steam now, and I’m sure she was getting to the good bits.

Unfortunately, it was all I could do to not burst out laughing. Little tears were forming at the corners of my eyes, and I was chewing the inside of my cheek to stay under control. Next to me, my son had his jaw clenched shut and was breathing through his nose. His face, however, was gradually turning pink.

Seeing us react, my oldest son redoubled his efforts, getting more dramatic and more obvious.

Suddenly my wife stopped talking. Her head whipped around so fast that my son didn’t have time to drop his hands. There was a moment filled with the sort of silence normally only found in horror films, and then both boys exploded with laughter.

“He was doing this,” my youngest said gesturing with his hands. “and this.”

My wife’s eyebrows levitated up her forehead. Her piercing glare went from boy to boy- to me.

I slowly picked up a pillow, put it in front of my face, and let out all the laughter that I simply couldn’t hold in any more.

Both boys collapsed, literally falling off the couches they were laughing so hard.

My wife joined in, and she and I separated to take them to their bedrooms.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    This is cool!

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