Building Character

After breakfast this morning, I was feeling lazy.

“Okay, kiddo,” I said to my nine-year-old, “time to clear your place.”

He gave a little groan, but stood up and carried his dish and silverware to the sink. As he was rinsing and putting them in the dishwasher, I quietly moved all of my dirty dishes over to his place. His little brother grinned.

As soon as the big guy was done clearing, I said his name sharply. “I said to clear your place!”

“What?” He said angrily. “I did!”

Then he saw the plate on his place mat. It took him only the briefest of instants to figure out what had happened. Then he stomped over and moved everything back on to my place.

“You’re not going to take care of it for me?” I said.


“Poor Daddy,” I groaned. “All alone in this cold cruel world!”

Grinning, he tilted his forehead toward me and raised his eyebrows. “It builds character.”


1 thoughts on “Building Character

  1. Nana says:

    That kid m ay be nine..but he is going on eighty …hahahaha

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