Home sweet home

Returned home from the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at a ridiculous hour last night, so this morning was a tough wake-up call. I decided to stay in bed as long as I could.

“Hey Dad,” my youngest said, walking into my bedroom. “You know where Mom is?”

“Taking a shower,” I grumbled.

“Oh, ’cause I was trying to print out a Greek flag for today, and. . . Oh!” he stopped mid-sentence, and gave me a big old goofy grin. “Hi Dad!”

I think he suddenly realized that I was home, after being gone for four days. “Hi.”

He sucked in a deep breath, tilted his head back and sang at the top of his lungs. “Goo-ood Morning Merry Sunshine! Good Day, Misty Moon!”

It’s our wake-up song, the one we love to hate.

“Come here, you!” I grabbed him and shoved him into the covers.

It’s good to be back.



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