Not Even On Christmas

We have a strict rule in our house about mornings: Thou Shalt Not Awaken the Parents Before 7am.

It’s not that we don’t sometimes get up before then, but we don’t want to be forced to get up before then.

Sadly, as strictly as we try to adhere to the rule, it gets broken fairly often.

Last night, as he was going to bed, my oldest asked me, “Daddy, can we get up at five on Christmas morning?”


“But it’s Christmas!”


“But we’ll want to – ”


“How about if that’s one of our Christmas presents?”

“No. And you’re not allowed to even look at your presents before I get up.”


Yes. I realize that he’ll be waking me up with a grin at exactly at 5am, but at least now I get to grumble about it – and what would Christmas morning be without a little grumbling?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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