A whole other kind of soccer…

After the soccer game the other day, we took the boys and some of their friends out for pizza.

We’d lost the game, and the kids were all buzzing about it: what worked, what didn’t work, and how they could do better. For the most part, I was just listening and nodding.

“What you need on defense,” one announced. “is really big boobs!”

Every head turned toward him, including my wife’s. “Excuse me?” she said.

“What?” He looked around. “That’s what good defenders need: really big boobs . . .” Suddenly, he turned bright red. “Booms! Really big booms!”

As the table erupted with laughter, my wife looked at me.

“Boom kicks,” I explained. “That’s what we call the really big kicks.”

“Oh!” She turned back to the boy. “Pretty funny, huh?”

He wasn’t listening. He’d pulled his shirt up to cover his head.

Can’t say I blame him.

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