The World’s Best Publicist

The Saturday before Easter, the boys and I went with my sister and her kids to Downtown Disney. As we were waiting for DisneyQuest to open, the boys and I hit the bathroom.

As I was finishing my business, I heard the sinks start to run, and the unmistakeable sound of hands being washed. Then my oldest son said  “do you like to read?”

A man’s voice answered. “Um, yeah. Do you?”

I tried my best to speed up. Listening to your ten-year-old chat up a random stranger in a public restroom is a bit disconcerting.

“I sure do,” my son said. “You want to know a really good book?”


I flushed and emerged from the stall as calmly as I could.

“Dragon Run,” my son said.

Shaking my head, I stepped past them to wash my hands.

“Sounds interesting,” the man said. “Who’s it by?”

“Well, um. . .” My son looked back and forth between me and the man, then gave up trying to speak and just pointed at me. “Him.”

The man looked at me, in what can only be called a suspicious manner.

“Sorry.” I said. “We don’t usually ambush people in the bathroom.” I held out my hand to shake his. “Dragon Run’s my first book, and my son’s really proud.”

“He”s my dad,” my son said.

“Yep.” I gave him a sideways shoulder hug.

The man relaxed when he realized what had happened, and we chatted as we left the restroom.

He even said he’d check it out at Books A Million.

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