After the game this past Saturday, we decided to swing by Sonny’s to get a little barbeque. The kids have developed a real love for ribs, so it was also a treat for them. As we pulled into the parking lot, my oldest son gave a whoop of victory.

“All you can eat ribs! Look! Look! It’s all you can eat ribs!”

His little brother cheered.

I glanced at the sign. “Oop. Sorry guys. The special is drive-through only. We were going to eat in.”

All the energy drained from the car. “Aw, man!”

I pulled into a parking space.

“Wait a minute,” my youngest said. “How could they do all you can eat in the drive through?”

My wife chuckled.

Both kids groaned. “Da-addy!”

Heh, heh, heh.

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