Of course

This week has been a little bit of a strange one for the boys and me. Originally, it was supposed to be a vacation in North Carolina. That ended up getting replaced by the idea of a staycation. Everyone was good with that. Then my father-in-law had some medical issues and my wife flew out to Texas to help.

As quick as that, our family trip to North Carolina ended up being a single-parent staycation.

Faced with the prospect of flying solo with two boys who were both trying to have fun and trying not to worry about their Papou, I decided to engage them in the process. We sat down and worked together to come up with a list of everything we were going to do each day.

Congratulating myself on my genius-ness, I broke out the piece of paper.

“Okay,”  I said. “Day one: Universal or Islands of Adventure?”

The answers came shouted and simultaneous. “Universal!” “Islands of Adventure!”


“Day two?”

“Zoo!” “Wonderworks”

I put the paper down and looked at them. “Are you guys going to agree on anything?”

“Yes!” “No!”

Of course.

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