Hug it out

Due to an unfortunate confluence of work and doctor’s appointments, I ended up working upstairs on Monday while the kids were downstairs with a babysitter. It was an odd situation. Usually, they’re fine by themselves when I’m working, but I’ve been under some deadlines, and I needed uninterrupted work time.

Around lunch time, I heard a funny exchange.

“Just hug it out,” the babysitter said.

“What?” the boys answered, almost simultaneously.

“You’re brothers,” she said. “Hug it out!”

There was a brief moment of quiet, followed by an evil chuckling and a squeal of fear.

“Hey,” the babysitter shouted. “Stop!”

The evil chuckling stopped as the squealing changed to victorious laughter.

“You distracted me,” one of the boys said. “Ow!”

“I’ve got you now!” his brother cackled.

“But you’re brothers!” the babysitter repeated, her voice rising.

That word… I do not think it means what she thinks it means.

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