Audience Awareness

The other night, the boys and I watched the Steve Martin remake of The Pink Panther. It’s a funny movie, particularly with 9 and 10 year-old boys.

One scene showed Inspector Clouseau asking to see a suspect’s antique bowls. Unfortunately, his accent makes “bowls” sound like “balls.”

The scene starts with “can you show me your bowls?” and moves uncomfortably to “show me your big brass bowls!”

The boys howled with laughter.

Now we fast forward to yesterday, when we were visiting my parents.

“Hey Nana,” my oldest son said. “Have you ever seen the Pink Panther? There was this scene where the inspector said ‘show me your ba-”

“Okay!” I interrupted. “Mind your audience.”

“What?” he said. “It’s funny!”

“You sure you want to say that to your Nana?”


“Probably not your mom, either.” I said.

“Definitely not!”

1 thoughts on “Audience Awareness

  1. Nana says:

    Thanks. I wondered what they were talking about, since I heard only

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