Holiday Priorities

School’s out today, so I didn’t see any reason to wake the kids up early. My youngest son was already up when I reached the kitchen, so we puttered around until eight, when breakfast seemed like a good idea.

“It’s a shame your brother isn’t awake yet,” I said as we finished. “But I guess he can get his own breakfast.”

“Oh, he’s awake.”

“Really?” I went to his room and knocked quietly, but there was no answer. After a brief hesitation, I opened the door and peeked around.

He was lying in his bed, listening to the radio. “Aw shoot,” he said when he saw me.


“I’m listening to two hours of commercial free music.”

“Oh,” I said, backing away. “Enjoy.”

He emerged a few minutes later, looking a little embarrassed. “Good morning.”

Honestly, though, I think he had the right idea. Why not spend a holiday morning lying in bed and listening to music?

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