An Olympic Moment

Prior to the Olympic opening ceremonies, Bob Costas aired an interview with President Obama. He started out by saying he would “confine our question to topics pertaining to these Olympics.”

My kids were thrilled. They’re big fans of Obama.

During the interview Bob Costas gave a weird little “Putin is controlling the US-Russia relationship” speech, and then asked “How well do you think you can work with President Putin going forward.”

“What?” my oldest son said. “That’s not about the Olympics!”

“Most people perceive your relationship with the Russian president…as being icy. How would you characterize your relationship with President Putin?”

“That’s not a good question!” My youngest said. “Who are the people he’s talking about?”

The interview finished up, and we settled back to watch the ceremonies.

During the ceremonies, not all of the giant floating olympic rings worked. One of them didn’t open up properly.

“That’s what happens when you’re too ambitious,” Bob said.

“What?” my oldest said. “That’s mean! They tried to do something amazing, and one little bit didn’t work.”

“He’s a jerk,” his little brother added. “Why is he even talking?”

What a great question.

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