Paying Attention

I had my annual dermatologist check-in yesterday. Due to a scheduling mishap, I had my youngest son with me. He’s nine years old now, and I’m not quite comfortable leaving him by himself in the waiting room, so he was stuck coming into the actual appointment with me.

The nurse came in, handed me a gown and told me to leave my underwear on.

As soon as she left, the little guy started giggling. “You have to take your underwear off?”

“It’s a good idea to pay more attention,” I said, putting the gown on before I took off my clothes. “Especially in the doctor’s office. They really don’t want those kind of surprises.” I tied off the gown.

“Could you imagine?” His giggling blossomed into full-body belly laughs. “What are you doing with your underwear off?” he said. “I’m your dentist!”

I chuckled.

“Ah! Ah!” he said, pretending to be blinded. “Put ’em back on! Ah!”

I’m going to have to take him to the dermatologist more often.

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