Time Flies

On the way to Daytona this past Easter, I made the mistake of bringing my tablet. It was a mistake because if the kids know there’s a tablet in the car, all they want to do is play video games.

“Not till we’re on the highway,” I said, putting the tablet under my leg. My wife was driving, with her dad in the passenger seat. I was in back with the kids.

“And you have to stop long before we get to Nana’s,” my wife added.

“Okay,” my oldest son said.

“What should we do now?” his little brother asked.

Of course, that launched a game of If You Had A. The miles rolled by as we told stories and talked. Before we knew it, we were leaving the highway and driving into Daytona. My oldest son suddenly looked panicked.

“Wait!” he said. “What about the tablet?”

I’d completely forgotten about it.

“We have to play,” he said.

“Not now,” his mom said. “We’re too close.”

Both boys glared at me, their eyes narrow and accusing.

“I forgot!” I said.

They didn’t believe me.

“We were playing a game,” I insisted. “The tablet didn’t even occur to me.”

It really didn’t, but, to be honest, I’m glad it didn’t.

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