Break a leg

[Editor’s note: Sorry this wasn’t actually posted on Monday. I’ve had some distractions lately, and I forgot to schedule it. I’m back dating this to Monday to make it easy to find in the archives. Tomorrow’s post will appear as scheduled.]

During the hustle and bustle of breakfast this morning, it became clear that my wife was nervous about a talk she has to give tonight. It’s kind of unusual for her to get nervous speaking in front of people. She’s been doing it for years now, first as a camp director, and now as a teacher.

This one, however, has got her a little rattled.

“You’ll do great,” I said. “You always do.” It was lame, I know, but the best I could come up with.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” my oldest son said with a wide grin, “I’m sure you won’t get stage fright.”


I think that may be our new send-off when people are going to do public speaking.

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