It’s a tough life

These past two weeks have seen the conjunction of three phenomena: late night summer playing, band camp,¬†and my wife’s exercise program for the kids.

Late night summer playing keeps the kids up late into the night. Band camp would have them get up at a reasonable hour, which would be difficult enough. My wife’s exercise program, however, has them up before dawn, cycling or walking as the sun comes up.

The result has been some seriously tired kids.

Earlier this week, I spotted my youngest son (who’s about to turn 10), crawling from his bedroom to the bathroom.

It was in the morning, and he was still in his pajamas. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Too tired to walk,” he groaned.

“Crawling’s easier than walking?”

“You don’t understa-and,” he said dramatically. “I’m tired. So. very. tired.” He collapsed on the floor.

Now that’s tired.

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