The Inspiration

We took the boys to the Magic Kingdom for my youngest son’s 10th birthday yesterday. Tons of fun.

At one point, he and I were standing on a suspension bridge on Tom Sawyer’s island. We call it a “wiggly bridge” because it sways from side to side and every heavy footstep makes a little wave that runs across its planks.

Usually, we jump and stomp and try to knock each other off balance. In this case, though, an older gentleman was making his slow way across, leaning heavily on his son.

“Aw,” my son said, realizing we couldn’t jump.

“Just wait here,” I answered.

We stood to one side, pressed up against the cables so other people could get by, and kept our heads turned sideways to watch the man’s progress. As soon as he stepped off the bridge, we both leapt into the air and landed heavily on the wood, right next to each other.

The bridge bounced and swayed. Everyone else on the bridge, who had been walking normally, grabbed for the cables to keep from falling.

They also started laughing.

My son and I started hopping to keep the bridge moving. Up ahead, a large muscular man about twice as big as me glanced back at us, and then launched himself into the air. He landed hard with both feet at the same time, and the bridge went crazy.

“Woah,” my son shouted as he grabbed for a cable to keep from falling. “Did you see that?”

The man stepped off the bridge without looking back, pretending to ignore all the laughing, falling people he’d left behind.

I couldn’t see his face, but I’m pretty sure he was smiling.

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