It’s a generational thing

During our ride to the art festival on Saturday, I noticed that my youngest son was getting a bit big for his bike. I chewed on the problem as we looked at the art, then, on the way back from the festival, I drifted to the back of the pack, where my wife was riding.

“How about we move the little guy to the big guy’s bike, and get the big guy a new adult bike?”


“Do you mind if we do it today? I don’t want you to miss out.”

Our work schedule is nuts these days: she works one weekend day, and I work the other.

“No, that’s fine.”

We finished the ride. When we arrived at the garage, I stopped the kids from putting their bikes away.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “I was thinking we could go get some new bikes.”

They looked at each other.

“Well,” my oldest said. “Would we have to miss the movie?”

“The movie?”

“Yeah,” his little brother chimed in. “We were going to see a movie today, right? Will we still have time for the movie”

“I’m not sure. Maybe?”

They shared another considering glance. “Let us think about it.”

Who chooses seeing a movie over the chance to get a new bike? I mean, I get the whole choosing immediate gratification over long-term satisfaction, but still… a movie instead of a new bike?

I’m so old.

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