Where are the tales?

There comes a time in the life of any project when changes have to be made. For DaddyTales, we’ve reached that time. This project started out as a place for me to share my parenting stories, then turned into a newspaper column – which ran for  six years. When the newspaper went dark, I kept writing smaller tales here on the site.

My kids are substantially older (11 and 13) now, and even though I’ve always tried not to embarrass them with these tales, I’m worried that will start to happen simply because of their age.

I’ve slowed down on posting tales and am instead looking at where DaddyTales will go next.

I believe that I’ll still write the occasional tale, but I think my focus now should be on presentation. I’m not going to just slap all these tales into a book. There are over twelve hundred of them, which would make one huge book.

In sum, though, these stories do tell many interesting and funny stories. I still have people who recognize me from my picture in the paper and ask me about them.

So, I’m looking at what’s next.

The story of DaddyTales isn’t over, but it’s about to change. When I have more news, I’ll post here and on Facebook.

Thanks for reading for all these years!

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