Best Nap Ever

We had an art adventure day yesterday. We started at a farmer’s market and then went to the Museum of Art, where they’re running a Mo Willems exhibit. We got back around 4:30 and played with the trains.  Then I tried to sneak in a little nap before dinner.

The kids resisted the nap, as always. After a few minutes, however, they changed tactics, and dragged me in to lay on a bed in their room. My oldest brought out a Magic Treehouse book to read to me. He put himself in the middle, and one of us on each side. Before he could start, his younger brother popped up to put on some good background music. Then he adjusted the lighting: all dark, except for a soft light on the book. Finally, he piled stuffed animals all around us and settled in.

My oldest opened the book and started to read. He had a different voice for each character in the book, and read through the text smoothly and easily.

I closed my eyes, snuggled the stuffed dolphin, and listened to the story. No, I didn’t sleep, but it was still the best nap ever.

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